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  • Home Ownership: Opportunity of a Generation!

    BY Jason Richards, San Diego Real Estate

      Gleb Nechayev, Senior Economist, & William C. Wheaton, Ph.D., Principal   A rare confluence of factors is making a strong case for buying a house in the United States at...

  • Effective Marketing and Communication in Real Estate

    BY Jason Richards, San Diego Real Estate

    One of the most important things in any successful business is how you market your products.  If you cannot effectively connect with your potential customer, then you have no chance of relaying the benefits, advantages and value in what you are try...

  • Understanding Today’s Markets – The Information We Receive

    BY Jason Richards, San Diego Real Estate

    The “buzz” from my clients is the question “What are the real estate market conditions like these days?”  They are actually asking two questions, first, national markets with more generalized information and then what’s going on with rea...