Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in Encinitas Available Today!


Encinitas is a collection of communities each with its own unique character.  These communities include Olivenhain, Leucadia, Cardiff and the original Encinitas.  It really began its life in Olivenhain, a German settlement town that was formed back in the late 1700’s.    Leucadia has its own unique roots in Art and floral agriculture and is home to the majority of cliff top beach from homes in the area. Cardiff was founded by an immigrant from England who named all the streets after English cities and borders both the lagoon and the ocean.  Cardiff is known for its draw to the surfing community and its terraced hillside providing for a large number of homes with ocean views.  Original Encinitas is broken into two areas, downtown Encinitas that has transformed recently into a mixed use community with a bustling nightlife along Pacific Coast Highway 101 and suburban Encinitas popular among young families for its schools, sports programs and parks.

Please find below the Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in Encinitas available Today.


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